Work: Research, Concepting, Design, Development, Community building
Tools: PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Unity3D
Highlights: Online multiplayer game

After playing browser games with friends for a long time, I had the idea to create my own browser game. During high school, I created a web-driven medieval strategy game where players can expand a city and explore an online world. After a successful beta launch, I am now redesigning the game.

Project Goal

An addictive and social game where players build their city and feel like they are part of Medieval times.

The first version

I started the development of TownSiege a few years ago. First, I conducted research by creating an online survey. I asked participants about their wants and needs for a new browser game, reasons why they play or do not play a game, features they like, the setting they would like to play in and the amount of time and money they invest in games in general. Over 500 people filled out the survey. With the results, I created a plan for the game. Then, I started creating the game for the web using PHP, SQL and JavaScript (and HTML and CSS for styling the webpages). In 2012, I launched the Beta, which was played by hundreds of people.

Old homepage | TownSiege The old TownSiege homepage
New game | TownSiege First impression of the new game


I closed the Beta after a while. Now I am redesigning the game towards an interactive experience for both web and mobile. To create a better, interactive game, I started using Unity3D in combination with a backend API (PHP Lumen). This way I can create better graphics, generate more interactive elements and make the game ready to run on all common devices.

What I learn(ed)

Working on TownSiege has already taught me a lot about design, coding and running a complex website. During the Beta I regularly talked with players online. This taught me a lot about building a community and involving the community when making design decisions. I was actively participating in the community forums to know more about how users experienced the game.

TownSiege really was and is a learning project for me. I invested a lot of time in designing and developing the game. I learned about the full stack of web development: from writing code in PHP, SQL and JavaScript to designing webpages and graphics in HTML, CSS, Photoshop and Illustrator. Having this broad experience also helped me when working on other projects.

Stay up to date

If you are interested in the redesigned game, make sure to stay up to date on the progress by visiting the website.