Freelance design

Collection of freelance projects in which I built over 35 websites for over 20 clients.



Besides my studies, I have created and developed over 35 websites for more than 20 clients. I led design and branding projects from beginning till end and advised clients in diverse industries on UX, content, and design. It taught me the full stack of web- design and development. It was also a great way to manage different projects and to communicate with stakeholders.

Freelance designer Full-stack Web Design

2014 - now

Design Process & Designs

During design projects, I regularly held meetings with clients to discuss designs, structure and content. We discussed the client's needs and I advised them on UX or opportunities to improve their current website. Sometimes I quickly created a simple website under a tight deadline and upgraded it later, sometimes we ran multiple design sessions to come up with a pixel-perfect design.

Meeting with a client

Low-fidelity designs

I frequently sketch ideas and make low-fidelity designs which I share and discuss with clients. It allows for quick iterations and idea sharing. This is especially useful when a specific (part of) the homepage has to be redesigned or the client wants to add new information to a certain page.

Multiple fidelity designs

Information hierarchy

I spend a lot of time thinking about structuring and showing content to visitors effectively, especially during the first moments of a user's visit on the website. This is an example of a compact header design for sLogic, a company in the healthcare and nursing industry.

sLogic website header

Content Management Systems

I have developed websites from scratch or using content management systems. The latter is a fast and covenient way for many clients to add or edit content themselves. The website below, for example, is built as a self-made theme running on Wordpress. It is a minimalistic and colorful website created for a consultancy company in the education sector targeting teachers and education managers.

De Onderwijsverbeteraars

Redesigning existing websites

A complex project was the redesign of the website for Spirit, a sports club. Their existing website used lots of different systems and was managed by many different people. This was inefficient and I researched possible solutions and proposed the use of the Dutch Sportlink database; this enables the club to manage all data in one central place. On the new website, match results and team pages are updated in real-time and each team has their own team page. A challenge was to inform and instruct people on how they can update data. I wrote short guides and we held meetings to instruct people.

CKV Spirit

Other design work

Visual Design

I also designed logos, presentation templates, brochures, email templates and other branding elements.

Branding assets

Game Design

One of my side projects was called TownSiege. TownSiege was a web-based medieval strategy and social game where players build their city and explore the world. I developed this during my high school years. After small market research and conducting surveys, I designed and developed the game. I launched a Beta version which was played by almost 1,000 people and learned a lot about game design, coding (JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS), Unity3D, server maintenance, and database design. I participated in the community forums a lot and updated the game according to feedback from players. Unfortunately, I became too much of a perfectionist in this project, and TownSiege was never officially launched. I paused the project, but a subscription page is still available. Who knows... :)

TownSiege: Old homepage