Freelance Work

UX & UI Design / Coding

During my studies, I did freelance work for various clients. This gave me the opportunity to work on diverse projects for clients in different industries, and to gain experience in conception, UX design, visual design, and coding. This is an overview of some of the projects I worked on.

Design for different situations

I have worked with clients in various industries, including start-ups, non-profit, consulting and agriculture. Working on many different projects and with many different clients gave me the opportunity to learn the full stack of web design, to deal with many different situations and case studies, and to be an entrepreneur. This is a minimalistic and colorful website I designed for a consultancy company in the education sector:

De Onderwijsverbeteraars

Sports website

A complex project was the redesign of the website for Spirit, a sports club. The current website was very inefficient because it was dealing with many different systems and many people were involved when administrative tasks, upcoming matches, or newsletters had to be changed. I researched possible solutions and proposed the idea to use the Dutch Sportlink database: this enables the club to manage all their data in one central place. Now, match results and team pages are updated real-time on the website and each team has their own team page. Another big challenge was to inform and instruct people within the sports club on how they can update data in the new system.

CKV Spirit

Side project

My biggest side project is called TownSiege. TownSiege was a web-based medieval strategy and social game where players built their city and explored an online world. After conducting research, I started designing and developing the game. Then, I launched a Beta version, which was played by almost 1.000 people. I participated in the community forums a lot and updated the game according to feedback from the players. Unfortunately, I became too much of a perfectionist in this project and TownSiege was never officially launched. I paused the project, but one of my future dreams is to work on the development of the game again when the time is right and when I have a better future roadmap for TownSiege. Feel free to subscribe.

TownSiege: Old homepage