CKV Spirit


For CKV Spirit, a local sports club, I created a brand new website with many features, including a news, calendar and contact section, fixtures, personalized team pages and results. To make the website useful and personal, it is linked with the 'Sportlink' database. This integration makes it possible to have team pages and real-time information. To make the website easy to manage by different people, Wordpress is used as the CMS system.

Work: Design, Development
Tools: Wordpress, PHP, JSON
Highlights: Sportlink integration, Team pages, Calendar, News

Project Goal

Redesign our website.

Planning the website

We started the project by having multiple meetings to discuss about what we wanted to achieve. During the first meetings, it became clear that maintaining the existing website was a big pain point. All data (members' administration, upcoming matches, newsletters, birthdays and much more) had to be updated by hand in two different systems and a lot of people were involved before data actually could be changed. Therefore, I suggested completely restructuring the website and migrating all data to one central database: Sportlink.

Sportlink is an existing platform created by the Dutch Korfball Sports Association and it is accessible by an API. At that moment, Spirit was already using Sportlink because this was required by the Sports Association. Because the existing website did not yet obtain data from Sportlink, Spirit also added all that data to the website by hand. This duplicate data wasn't updated very often, so they were always working with two systems that were not in sync. By completely migrating the existing system to Sportlink, data would always be in sync and managing the website would be much easier for everyone who was responsible for different parts of the website. Besides that, the user experience of the website would be improved as well because results, fixtures and tables could be obtained real-time from Sportlink.

For me, it was really important to convince the committee members to invest money in a Sportlink API license. By using Sportlink, the overall user experience would be improved significantly. I sent them a list with all the advantages and fortunately they approved to invest in this license.


The Sportlink API is created by the Dutch Korfball Association (KNKV). After subscribing to the API, data can be fetched for different purposes. The API returns JSON values. The example below shows how I transformed team-specific JSON results to a readable table.

Sportlink API | CKV Spirit

Redesigning the website

During the redesign process, I was challenged by showing a lot of information without scaring visitors away. When entering the website, a large, attractive header immediately draws the attention of the visitor. Under the header photo, the next match is shown: for new visitors, this is the match of Spirit's first team, for visitors who have chosen a favorite team, the next match of their favorite team is shown. The homepage shows an overview of the most important items: recent news, a Team Selector, calendar, results, fixtures and sponsors. The Team Selector brings visitors to a specific team page, showing the team members, fixtures, results and positions. In order to prevent an overload of information, some less important details (like location or referee) is only visible in tooltips or after toggling a table row. By obtaining all the data from Sportlink, the website is always up-to-date. Even on match days.

After launching the new website, we received feedback from the users. I made several changes to the website, such as a feature to directly contact commissions and a Google Maps Directions link to the location of upcoming matches.

Homepage | CKV Spirit
Locations | CKV Spirit
Teampage | CKV Spirit
Fixtures | CKV Spirit