Hi, I'm Jordy. I am a Product Designer who is passionate about building digital products that solve real-world problems. I enjoy balancing business and consumer needs to develop great experiences for web, mobile, and beyond.

IBM crowdsourcing platform

Designed and built the interface for a web-based crowdsourcing platform.

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Freelance design

Collection of freelance projects in which I built over 35 websites for over 20 clients.

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Movie Theater chatbot

Conversational chatbot to order movie tickets using your mobile phone.

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Sustainable smart home app

A mobile app to help people live more sustainably.

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User guidance in Virtual Reality

Explorations of user guidance types to guide users through VR environments.

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Air Force safety app

An app for the Royal Netherlands Air Force to assist employees to work safely.

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Air Force safety app

About me

When I was a child, I created my first website. I loved using lots of fancy effects and cool layouts. Then I learned the basics of coding and design, built my own game, and started freelancing. I learned how to create products that not only look great but also offer a great experience and tell an engaging story. This resulted in different design projects, design internships, and a Master's in Industrial Design. Besides designing, I like to spend my time on 'the usual things': traveling, reading books, or listening to this kind of music.

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Jordy Alblas


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