Hi, I'm Jordy

I am a designer who loves to design for our future world through imagination, technology, and user-centric thinking.

Hi, I'm Jordy

What I do

Designing products and services

Hello there! I am a designer with a background in Communications and programming, currently pursuing my Master's in Industrial Design. Over the years, I have gained professional experience ranging from freelance work for small businesses to projects and internships for bigger companies such as IBM, Philips and T-Mobile.

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Project highlights

IBM crowdsourcing platfom

During my UX design internship at IBM, I used IBM Design Thinking to design a new crowdsourcing platform.

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Freelance projects

I have created and developed over 25 websites for more than 20 clients. This is a collection of some of my freelance projects.

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Air Force safety

A project for the Royal Netherlands Air Force to increase safety awareness among employees.

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T-Mobile mobile plan add-ons

A UX project to increase awareness for T-Mobile's mobile plan add-ons.

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Sustainable living

Sustainable living

Team Virtue is a student team participating in the Solar Decathlon 2018 in Dubai. I'm designing an app for our sustainable house to help people live a more sustainable life.

Project in progress. More info soon.

About me

Multidisciplinary designer

When I was a child, I started creating my first website. I loved using lots of fancy effects and cool layouts. Then, I learned the basics of programming and design, built my own game, and started freelancing. I learned how to create products that not only look great, but also offer a great experience and tell engaging stories. I did a UX design internship at IBM, finished my bachelor's in Communications, and now I am pursuing a Master's in Industrial Design. I love combining the latest technologies with design to help building the future through thoughtful products and services. Besides designing, I like to spend my time on the usual things: traveling, reading books or listening to this kind of music.

Jordy Alblas


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