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What I do

Creating digital stories

My name is Jordy, a Web and UX Designer from The Netherlands. I conceptualize and create experiences for web and mobile. I love listening to stories and then researching and designing ultimate ways to transform those stories into powerful digital products. I have a keen eye on Interface Design, Usability, and Storytelling.


Designing UX

My journey so far

I am skilled in designing user-centered digital products while keeping sight of business objectives. As a freelancer, I gained experience in conception, design, and coding for clients. I'm currently in my final year of undergraduate study, specializing in Creative Communications, and I work as a Front-End & UX Designer Intern at IBM. Check out my LinkedIn or resume for an overview of my journey so far.

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Recent work

Projects I worked on

These are a few of the projects I've been working on recently, either as a freelancer, student, intern, or just for fun.

About me

Many years ago, I started creating my first website. Passionate as I was, I loved using lots of fancy effects and cool layouts. Then, I learned the basics of programming and design, built a browser game, and started freelancing. I started learning how to create websites in such a way that they tell engaging stories. Now, I love to create digital, appealing experiences, both for web and mobile, built with the user in mind. I currently learn every day more about that while working as an intern at IBM. If I’m not working on a project, I'll probably spend my time listening to this kind of music or reading this kind of articles.

Jordy Alblas


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